A little appreciation for the supreme company that is New Rock Boots...simply iconic. The company was founded by the ‘Ortuño’ family back in 1978 in Yecla, Spain. You could say boots and shoes were their ‘thing’, making them for almost 5 decades before New Rock even existed! In 1980 the brand New Rock came through the ‘visionary capacity’ of Pedro Ortuño (here’s when things get good), since then, we have been gifted with boots, shoes and killer heels that we are all SO grateful for!

Fast forward to now, they are in TONES of shops, selling in over 60 countries! They have truly made their statement on the Alternative community and have since become a classic, unique, one of a kind footwear brand. Crazy high platforms, designs and styles are what it’s all about!

It’s safe to say this started a trend of mega-high, crazy cool, platform/heavy metal/biker style boots, influencing many companies to start their own. Sites like DollsKill showcase some KILLER platforms! But of course… the official New Rock Boots are still coming through with some serious boots, shoes, platforms, heels, you name it!

In most cases, the footwear says it all, but you do have to complete the look! Gothic clothing stockists like Kate's Clothing, DollsKill and Gothic Clothing are where you need to be, stocking brands like Necessary Necessary Evil, Dark in love and Punk Rave!

If you're representing a shop and you're interested in becoming an authorised New Rock distributor then head over to the official New Rock Boots Spain site. Also check out the Kate's Wholesale site for information on how to become a stockist of Necessary Evil, Dark in Love, Punk Rave, Gothic Gifts and more!